You have resources and a vision. We have the expertise and partnerships to develop large-scale, income-earning properties.

Real estate development
Tacoma and Pierce County

Our sweet spot includes several related fields that are rarely combined in one company: commercial real estate acquisition, commercial real estate development, and commercial property management. This allows us to develop commercial real estate for qualified clients that is custom designed to provide the kind of passive income great portfolios are made of. After development ends, we can even move directly into professionally managing your property with minimal fees and headaches. Not detail oriented? No problem. We are.

We manage virtually all aspects of the development and construction process. Our integrity and longstanding roots in the region have helped us build seamless partnerships with quality local service providers. Our partners include architects, engineering firms, and other subcontractors, all selected for experience in minimizing hiccups and maximizing profits. We specialize in finding underperforming properties and repositioning them for a solid ROI, but we also manage promising new development projects on a case-by-case basis.

Real estate development services

  • Real estate acquisition
  • Initial site planning and entitlement
  • Project design and layout
  • Preconstruction services
  • Project budgeting and forecasting
  • Project permitting and financing

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